6 Tips and Diet Changes for Women at 40’s

It is a myth that the more a woman aged, the more it is to gain weight. In fact, it is the inactivity of a woman much more than the hormonal changes that takes place in her body causes drastic weight gain as she age. How can a woman in her forty’s or early fifty’s refrain from gaining weight over time? Let us found out with the below changes a woman should take on his lifestyle and diet in order not to pile up excess fats.

Eat more Fish. As studies shows, heart disease is mostly to be held at this stage. So it is advisable to eat more fish than the usual. Fish has omega 3 that fights against heart problems. Women should eat at the least of two servings of fish in each week. Preferably those fishes with high healthy fats content such as salmon and trout. Some women try fish oil supplements if they can’t make sure to eat fish at least twice a week. Fish oil has other benefits such as helping prevent breast cancer.

Involve in Exercise. Slimming down reduces the risk of other menopausal and hormonal effects. Give time to exercise regularly. Tone down excess fats with simple exercises such as running, biking, swimming, and other cardio exercises that you think you can still do. It can keep you active and able to work on different challenges in life.

Go for more Calcium. As women age and reach its 50’s she needs more calcium to strengthen her bones. She needs a 1,200mg of calcium intake per day in particular. Choose low-fat milk as a source of calcium. Though milk is a good source of calcium, it is not enough to accumulate the needed intake for a day. You should also consider taking in calcium supplements.

Cut salt and processed carbohydrates. Ease bloating by skipping a large amount of salt and processed carbohydrate in your diet. The causes of bloating are not yet clear, but it has been cited to be prone to pre-menopausal stage women. Choose rich in high-quality fiber foods, fruits, and vegetables instead.

Think of lessening drinking alcoholic drinks. Wines can be beneficial to the heart, but it can be alarming to menopausal women. It has been proven in a study that while wine reduces risk to heart diseases, it is also associated with increasing risk for breast cancer.

Be serious with your diet program. If you wanted to get slim or lose weight you should think of a diet program that suits yours needs. Taking in fewer calories than the quantity you are burning, in time you will likely lose weight. Choose any balanced diet that cuts back calories and you are sure to consider for an extended period can do the job well.

It does not mean that if women ages they can no longer cut excess fats, be active and maintain that figure they had during their younger years. There are ways if there is a will. Take on the above tips and have healthy and sound aging years!


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