Foot and Hand Baths with Essential Oils

Some people see foot and hand baths only ideal for the elderly. But as a matter of fact, as soon as you feel like pampering yourself with it, it’s up to you, even if you are not yet feeling any feet and hand disorders. It is a way to energize and relax your hands and feet after a tiring week at work or so. Most people prefer foot and hand baths as a preparation for a massage or as a finale to reflexology session.

How to prepare for foot and hand baths?

Preparing for a foot and baths is easy and simple. You just have to wash them accordingly and prepare bath materials. Bath materials would include a bowl large enough to accommodate enough warm water mixed with your preferred essential oil and to soak your feet. You can add apple cider vinegar or milk to your mixture or any other essential oil that suits your taste. Apple cider vinegar and milk are usually used to compliment the combination because it helps disperse the essential oil into the water quickly. Plus both has their therapeutic properties.

If you want to obtain a more relaxing bath, place marbles or pebbles at the bottom of the bowl. You can also opt for electric foot baths if you have. This equipment has massaging actions that agitates and aerate it while managing your blood circulation.

How to select the best essential oils for your bath?

Choosing the perfect oil for your foot and hand bath simply should have to be in accordance with your reason for taking the bath. The conditions such as relaxing and for a therapeutic purpose needs different types of essential oil that can perfectly suit what you need. For example, of you are undergoing anxiety opt for chamomile, lavender. And sandalwood essential oils. If you are having, respiratory problems go for basil, benzoin, cedarwood, and eucalyptus for a cure. And if you seemed overworked, clary sage, lavender, and neroli can best remedy the condition.

What are the benefits of foot and hand baths?

Well, aside from its relaxing effect, foot baths can also relieve you from rheumatic pains, excessive perspiration, and cramps. It is one best way also to reward and give attention to one of the most forgotten yet mostly worked out part of the body, our feet, and hands.

What to do after foot and hand baths?

After indulging yourself in a safe and relaxing foot and hand baths, you should dry them with a soft dry towel. Make sure you only soak them for about 10 to 15 minutes in the bath mixture. When they are thoroughly dry, apply a moisturizing cream and essential oil. You can use the oil you make use from the bath or opt for another type such as jojoba oil.

Always, make time to relax your hand and feet. Realize that they perform, and are an important part of our body, and mostly you rely upon them. Do not take advantage of them too much. Give your hands and feet a break. You’ll never know how much it can do more for you.


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