The Beauty Benefits of a Body Scrub

Most of us have different and even have a series of essentials when it comes to caring for our hair and skin. However, do we include a bottle of body scrub among them? Well, we must. There are essential benefits of a body scrub that can’t be covered by the effects of a simple soap or other body cleaning essentials.

Types of Body Scrub

There are many types of body scrub. Most body scrubs that are sold in the market include salt, crushed nutshell, and sugar. Some may include chemical exfoliant that smoothes and firms out your skin such as glycolic acid and alpha hydroxyl. Some also include salicylic acid that improves the appearance of your skin taking away blemishes ad skin redness.

The health benefits of a regular body scrub.

Our skin regularly does shed dead skin. Especially during our younger year, but as we age this process slows down. This is why we need to exfoliate regularly to shed off those dead skin that is stocked up blocking healthy new skin to radiate.

There are many ways how a body scrub gives us its healthy benefit. Massaging the scrub granules on our body keeps blood circulation function more. It drains lymph nodes increasing the blood flow in the surface of the skin. Nudging dead skin is another thing. And doing a body scrub before applying skin moisturizers makes our skin soothe and hydrated more. Aside from that, having a body scrub is a truly relaxing activity. The aroma and the refreshing texture of the scrub can brighten your mood.

When to use a body scrub?

The use of body scrub depends mostly on your type of skin. If you have thick and firm skin, then you can have a body scrub at least three times a week. If you have thin and sensitive skin, be extra careful and only have your body scrub once a week.

When not to use body scrub?

If you have sunburn, skin allergies or rashes, and other skin conditions, you must skip your body scrub. Some ingredients might irritate your skin further and may worsen the case. Always apply body scrub before waxing or shaving. Do not have it the other way around, especially when your body scrub solution has salts or other chemicals. This can irritate your skin as well.

How to use a body scrub?

Keep yourself dry first and start a circular motion scrubbing your body scrub solution with your hands or a scrubbing tool. Do this all over your body. Let it live on your skin for a few minutes then rinse thoroughly with the use of water. Be sure not to scrub your skin over because you might have cuts or scratches from the scrub granules. Remember that though your skin is not as delicate as your facial tissues. Still, it can be irritated, and you don’t want that, right? And don’t forget to moisturize after patting your body dry after your shower.

Now, you know the beauty benefits of a body scrub and the other details about it never skip it in your beauty regimen. Maintain that glowing, healthy skin of yours with a regular body scrub!


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